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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas love


Its 5 days to Christmas and I got presents in advance! Imma happy girl. (:

Brother and his girlfriend got me a Coach wristlet and Kate Spade cardholder which is really pretty! The joy of having an air steward and stewardess bro&gf. Thank youuuuuuu <3

And of course my sweetest boyfriend who brought me shopping! Aldo oxford heel wedges which is really cool. Topshop reindeer socks because its too cute and I'm superbly afraid of the cold. Cath Kidson Ipad cover and smart cover (my ipad looks very sleek now!!) and a floral one for my iphone too! Baggu backpack in nautical stipes (Also another really good buy for school!). La Senza intimates. And more lingerie.. I'm loved.

Crashed his lecture playing diamond dash today (BY THE WAY ITS REALLY FUN, PLEASE GO AND PLAY TOO). And watch an episode of Friends. I'm watching it at a decent pace so it won't end too soon. Hehehe. OH OH, and the new sofa arrives tomorrow!! I'm very excited! Its an L-shaped sofa in black or super dark brown I think. Mommy greatest is also gonna get a huge shoe cabinet cuz we have wayyyyy too many pairs! Especially my brother. Why like that? I thought girls should have more?

Like I said before, money seem to come to me unexpectedly. Like a random good job Alison got me to do with her as a surveyor. We kinda just get people to fill up feedback forms and earn $3 for each completed piece. Good money and simple job! (: And M1 recently send me a cheque for a fairly big amount for reasons I'm not sure of. I swear to find a job sooooonnn! Have been slacking around and waking up at 2pm everyday. Not that I'm complaining. But pretty things come with price tags, so.

I think this Christmas is gonna be real merry. Life is good! ^^

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